Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Athletics day!!

On athletics at Saint Pius x school I was in a group named kiwis. The colours and the groups ‘kiwis yellow,Keas blue,Tui red,Gecko’s green.
All groups sat on big long blue tar-pollens. Each team had a large flag saying there teams name kiwis looked nice and bright with all this yellow on. It was a hot cloudy day and the thing I didn't like was that we had to sit up right just to get lots of points. The races started from the five years old to twelve years old. when it was my turn to race on the racing track i had a worried feeling maybe because i thought that i was
going to come last,but i second to last i thought i did not bad.

The lunch bell rang and our Principal Mr Coakly said if we can all say the school prayer. after the school prayer every one ran to play in the park
and in the tennis Cortes. When the lunch bell rang again every one rushed back to there groups quickly.It started to kind of rain and some of
us went under a big acorn tree and some pulled out their umbrella's.

Then room one to room seven had there own class races,then each team huddled up for there team charting. At the end i was happy even tho i came second to last.

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