Friday, July 8, 2011


Soccer Players

I play soccer, and I suppose I am pretty good at it. I have been playing for nine years and haven’t had a broken leg yet-only thousand of bruises and cuts.
Last year, I was asked to play regional league. This is the division where all the best players in your grade play the best in other clubs. I said no, because I had just sorted out the boys in my team and didn’t want to have to start again, sorting out the boys in another team. I could just hear them saying, “Tackle her, she’s just a girl!” or, “You let a girl beat you!” so I continued playing for my first team.

In this team we had a trophy. After each game, it was presented to the person who had tackled best, tried hardest, and given most effort. Each time you got it, you scored a point, and the person who had the most points at the end of the season won.

After the last game of the season, we had a “bun fight” (a get-together with the club), where our coach was going to give the cup to the winner.
I WON IT! I was so happy because I had finally shown the boys that girls can be great soccer players.

What is the meaning of the underlined words?
1.sorted out the boys,making peace with one an other
2.presented,means that they published what ever they
have to.
3.”bun fight“,means that they fight ed like in a bun

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