Friday, October 28, 2011

Holiday time
After school i was thinking in my head,
yes finally rest from school for two weeks. But then i
felt a little sad to, because i was leaving my friends in
class and my school. I was walking home from school with Emmanuel and he brought us some hot chips,then
I saw Angelica and Waterlily running to me telling me to
slow down, I laughed and I said what is it then they just told me stuff like just chatting. Then the next day I went fishing on my uncle and my cousin. we caught six yellow tails,one Gunard fish,two Kahawai and five snappers,we used arrow squid and skip-jack tuna as bait. We had three accidents on board,the worst one was when all our hoke had be stuck together and we were all angry then my uncle said if it’s gets stuck together again then were going to a different place. So it happened and we went to laddies bay, not that much fish out there around. finally we were finished fishing and headed off back to the boats trailer attached to the back of my uncles four weal drive.

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